The need to raise leaders


We need no convincing about the importance of leaders and therefore of the need to recognise and raise leaders.

“Leaders change the world...they inspire and invigorate, they sway history's course and the course of everyone who meets them.” And so we need to raise great leaders in the local church. Developing leaders is core business for the church and “all of its members are on a journey of leader development.” We are all doing a good job at that, or not. Therefore a strategy for identifying and developing leaders for every level of responsibility in the local church is necessary.   Indeed if we are raising leaders for the challenges of today, we will have the leaders necessary for the challenges of tomorrow. One silver bullet for tomorrow is to raise leaders today.  We cannot delay.

You can never raise too many leaders. Jesus raised 12 and we only know what happened to James, Phillip, Peter and John.  We are not sure what happened to the rest, so we to need build in surplus.

Obviously, the world is constantly renewing itself with young people and babies.  The church must do the same.  Most of our converts are young people.  They tell us that 50% of the world is under 25 years of age and technology continues to impact the culture that 60% of the world lives in.

In the long-term, raising leaders is more important than having successful Sunday meetings. Jesus had crowds but out of the crowd, He made his 12 leaders. Leadership development was not an option in the mind of Jesus.