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Ever since their call to ministry Jim has had a heart for missions. Jim and Anneke have taken many trips to Vanuatu, Fiji, Africa, and into Punjab India to minister in outreaches and to speak to pastors and in Bible schools.

After many years of ministry into Asia, their hearts also began to turn also toward Europe. Although there are large churches of immigrant believers in many of the major cities, the European nationals are becoming more and more separated from the Truth. Jim and Anneke want to be part of the reclamation of secular Europe. For the last few years they have been involved in ministry to pastors, churches and leadership teams in Europe. They have ministered In Sunday services in Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands and held seminars on subjects like the Church the Divine consort, the Kingdom of God, Worship, and Hermeneutics (see Interpret and The Big Story). As the opportunity grows in the Netherlands and Europe, Jim and Anneke intend to spend two or three months of the year in Europe encouraging pastors and churches.

Evangelicals represent less than two-percent of the European population. Church attendance in Europe has been steadily decreasing in recent decades. Traditional Protestant and Roman Catholic churches have a hard time drawing in new members, particularly young people. But Evangelical churches are booming across the region, particularly those attended by immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.