Watching yourself

The Philistines took Samson and put out his eyes. The enemy wants us to be blind. The most consistent warnings in the Bible are given to the those who cease to watch and become blind and it is usually in the midnight hour. Being blind does not mean that we can’t see at all, but that we don't see what we should. Most people in the bible, who were told to watch, were watching but they were watching what they wanted to watch, not watching what they should have been watching. Peter denied the Lord three times. That night he was watching the Lord but he wasn't watching himself.
In the Kingdom parables (Matt 13 and 25), virgins and servants were all sleeping in the midnight hour,or watching the wrong thing. They were watching for his coming but not watching their oil. These parables teach us that people will be aware of the conditions of the last days, but not aware of the condition of their own hearts.
The challenge is for us not to know about the coming of the Lord but to know the Lord who is coming. Knowing the signs of the Lords coming is not the same as knowing the Lord who is coming.
Samson entertained Delilah even as she plotted his overthrow. He was so blind spiritually, that he didn't even know the Philistines were in the room! Even after he knew their plan was to bind him, he still tells them the secret of his great strength. Samson reasoned “I can let them into my life; I'm sure the Lords power will break me free again. In the end he traded comfort and ease for the cutting edge of ministry. He failed to see it took some form of price to maintain the anointing. In Revelation 3.8, Jesus speaks to the Laodicea church who thought they had everything they needed. Actually they had everything they wanted but nothing they needed. Jesus said “Buy from me eye salve for your eyes that you might see.” What it takes to “see”, has to be brought. There is a cost to walking closely with God.
Samson watched what he wanted but wasn't watching what he needed to watch. He knew what he wanted but didn't know what he needed. He thought he could still be Gods anointed and live with compromise. But there is a time when the anointing will lift and leave you. Samson didn't know the Lord had departed from him.
Friend, some people are more aware of the signs of his coming that they are of the signs of his leaving and Samson stopped seeing long before he was blind.