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Lost Dreams

What has happened to your dream? Has it been delayed, derailed or destroyed? Don’t write it off too quickly. God still plans for you to become your best you, the largest you and the most fulfilled you but it always takes time and stages. Israel camped 42 times and took 42 journeys before they entered into their promised land so maybe you are camping at one stage about to follow the cloud to your next position?

 Sometimes we're not ready for the next step because we don't want to let go of the past or the present. We can't access the dream because we're not ready for the change that every dream from God will requires. It is a fantasy to think that your future will be different and not change anything about your daily routine. Your destiny is locked up in your daily routine and your revelation.

Sometimes we are not ready for His future because He has yet to make us bigger. The person we need to be in future isn’t there yet. Could God be waiting for us to grow up before we can go up? We have to be big enough in character to survive the bigness of our future. And usually, that doesn’t happen quickly.

 But mostly our thinking is too limited and we find we cannot go beyond what our mind or heart can imagine. There were times when Israel couldn't go any further into their destiny because they're thinking was wrong. They couldn’t possess the Promised Land only because they were defeated in their own mind. So for most of us to go on the next stage on our journey, we only need to get a breakthrough from our current thinking.

Sometimes our dream gets lost in our difficulties. Our perspective gets distorted by our problems. Josephs dream seemed over as he languished in prison but God was arranging a setup, not a setback. When Daniel was put in the lion’s den, he was tricked by men but he is still on track with God. Even if your God dream seems dead, Our Father can bring it back to life. There are no hopeless circumstances only hopeless thinking.  Once God had said to Paul that he was going to Rome, nothing could stop him from getting there. The storm meant nothing - the shipwreck couldn't deter him and a snake couldn't destroy him.  Paul declared on the deck of the sinking ship “I believe God”.  He would not be put off. Nothing can stop you getting to Gods planned future for you but you!

Friend, if you think your dream has sunk or is sinking, don’t write your self off. Everything we go through is necessary for our future. But fatalism won't access promises that can only be gained by faith. There is still time to hear from Father, then rise and declare “I believe God” and follow the cloud of His purpose toward His dream.