Hidden Life

The old potter stands up from his wheel with a glimmer of a smile. He has made many vessels but this one he feels is something special. He lifts it onto the wooden shelf and closes the door of the drying cupboard. He knows he’ll have to wait a while now before he can use it but he also knows the shelf will protect it from damage while it hardens. Shutting it up in the dark cupboard will make sure it doesn’t dry out to too quickly.
Sometimes after we have felt the great Potters hands around us, we seem to be put aside on the shelf and left to dry out. Just when we feel ready for promotion in the kingdom, it seems we’re overlooked by those who should be looking over us.  But God is just drying you out, allowing you to harden up so you are able to take knocks without losing shape.
But there is a greater reason that God hides us away and we are feel hidden from sight. It enables us to realize where our life is really found. God’s word tells us that our life is hidden with Christ in God. Col 3:2 This refers to our true source of Life.
So while we are hidden, we are meant to find something else that is hidden too - our life that is in Christ! Our life is not found in ministry or a new position, or being popular or centre stage. It’s not in being a friend of the pastor, or being used each week, or feeling vitally integrated with everybody in the Church, but in Jesus.

Friend, it’s good to be useful and busy in ministry in the Church but if we don’t work out where our life is, we will get discouraged or disillusioned while serving. When believers don’t find their life in Christ, they burn out or drop out.  If they go to another church, they still don’t find what they are looking for, because they are looking for Life in all the wrong places. We must find our Life in Him.